Biden appoints Pakistani-American Shahid Ahmed Khan for ‘prestigious advisory role’

Boston: US President Joe Biden’s has appointed Shahid Ahmed Khan to the prestigious President’s Advisory Committee on the Arts (PACA), the White House confirmed via a statement released this week.

Announcing the nomination, the White House said: “For more than two decades Khan’s professional life has been tied to international affairs, with a particular focus on the Asian and Muslim world.

“His experience has centered on advancing US values and principles through constructive community engagement with the American-Muslim and South Asian communities”.

Khan said that he was thrilled to be nominated for this coveted post as for him art has immense power to bridge cultural divide.

Shedding light on his new role, Khan said: “His focus will be to promote South Asian art in the United States of America.”

Khan is an illustrious personality within the Greater Boston area. He brings to PACA a rich tapestry of experience spanning over two decades. His focus on the Asian and Muslim world is reflected in his tireless work as a community leader, political adviser, and entrepreneur, advocating for US values and principles through sustained dialogue and engagement.

Khan’s illustrious career trajectory includes significant roles as a Trustee for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and as an Advisory Board Member of the Democratic National Committee. His pivotal role as the National Finance Co-Chair for John Kerry’s 2004 Presidential campaign and his subsequent advisory roles across a myriad of US campaigns underscore his strategic acumen and dedication to public service.