Chinese team discusses prospects of importing mangoes from Sindh

Gwadar Pro

Hyderabad: This week, a delegation of Chinese importers visited the Sindh Agriculture University in Tandojam to discuss the prospects of importing mangoes from Sindh to China.

The delegation met with the Vice Chancellor of the university, Dr. Fateh Muhammad Mari, as well as other academics and representatives of the farmers to exchange views on the subject, according to an official statement.

The delegation expressed their plans to import 6,000 tons of mangoes from Sindh and Punjab. In the initial phase, they will import 6,000 tons of mangoes and start the processes of procurement and processing. They specified that they were looking for mangoes that were rich in pulp and that could be grown from May to September.

SAU’s Professor Dr. Ismail Kumbhar informed the delegation that only a fraction of the net production of mangoes was exported annually.

Dr Zulfiqar Yousfani, Vice President of the Sindh Abadgar Board, also stated that exports to China could open up new avenues for export-based income for local farmers.