Pakistani Youth learnt a lot in World Panda Youth Reporters Camp

Gwadar Pro

Chengdu: World Panda Youth Reporters Camp was held in Chengdu. 20 outstanding youth from 6 countries, including 2 Pakistani youth, Zaid Ahmed and Aftab Ali took part in this event.
They got opportunities to visit and interview Chengdu around 6 themes such as urban greening, urban industries, history, technology, sport, and entertainment.

After this activity, 2 Pakistani students hope to have the opportunity to shoulder the responsibility of protecting traditional Chinese culture. Meanwhile, they also have learnt a lot at the camp. Zaid said, “in order to exercise my communication ability, increase my understanding of Chinese society, I took part in the camp. By this activity, I broadened my horizons to make friends from all over the world, intuitively felt the social and economic development speed of China. It has very important significance for my personal development and career planning in the future.”

“CPEC has a great influence on the youth of both countries. CPEC has brought many opportunities for young people like me,
China has provided very good opportunities for Pakistani youth. These opportunities range in various aspects. The Chinese government treats us really well. The hospitality of Chinese people is worth mentioning as well,” said Ali

Zaid said that “Through CPEC, the two countries are engaged in all-round and multi-field cooperation. Youth are the future of our countries, and their exchanges and learning, understanding and tolerance, will bring long-term cooperation and common prosperity to our two countries,” Zaid said.