Russia’s figure skating teen prodigy Shcherbakova aims for 2021 World Championships

Sochi: Russia’s rising figure skating star Anna Shcherbakova said that qualifying for the 2021 ISU (the International Skating Union) World Figure Skating Championships was her main goal for the upcoming season.
Shcherbakova, 16, won two stages of the Russian Figure Skating Cup this year and qualified for the Russian Figure Skating Championship, which will be hosted by the city of Chelyabinsk in December.

Asked about her expectations ahead of the season, Shcherbakova replied: “I don’t know at all what to expect from this season.”
“I truly hope that the major tournaments will pan out, particularly the (2021 ISU) World Figure Skating Championships,” she said. “Perhaps, this is my prime goal for the season, which, I hope, will take place.”