Online activities continue at China Cultural Center in Pakistan during Coronavirus

Islamabad: The COVID-19 pandemic had a sudden and substantial impact on the arts and cultural heritage sector. The global health crisis and the uncertainly resulting from it profoundly affected organizations operations as well as individuals across the sector.

By March 2020, most cultural institutions across the world were indefinitely closed (or at least with their services radically curtailed), and exhibitions, events, and performances were cancelled or postponed. In response, there were intensive efforts to provide alternative or additional services through digital platforms, to maintain essential activities with minimal resources, and to document the events themselves through new acquisitions, including new creative works inspired by the pandemic.

In order to fight the epidemic and convey confidence and determination to overcome the Covid-19, China Cultural Center in Pakistan has organized more than 30 Online Cultural activities including photographic exhibitions, documentaries and celebrations on its Facebook official page at China Cultural Center in Pakistan which is viewed by more than 8000 audience.

Visiting China Online series of activities include following exhibition which were published online on China Cultural Center in Pakistan’s facebook page during these months. Exhibition include Splendid Costumes of Chinese Ethnic Groups, Oriental Aesthetics – Bamboo Culture, Exhibition of Hainan Folk Arts and Skills (Intangible Cultural Heritage),Yangtze River Tourism Series of Exhibitions, Charm of Jiangsu – More Beautiful with you, The beauty of Living Wealth of Sichuan, “Heaven and Earth – The Source of Chinese Civilization”, Charm of Jiangsu Light and Shadow, The Grand Canal Photo Exhibition, Exhibition of Construction Achievements of Shaanxi History Museum — Treasure House of Ancient Capital Pearl of China, World Heritage in China, Our Silk Road, Beautiful China, Nature and Harmony,The Ancient Silk Kingdom of Kucha, Celebrating in Harmony and Joy – Chinese New Year Exhibition.

Thousand of visitors Online visited these splendid Chinese cultural exhibitions and viewers from all over the Pakistan and around the globe can now explore the growing collection of China Cultural Center in Pakistan exhibitions through a new digital offering that includes free access to virtual tours, video and pictorial activities.

China Cultural Center in Pakistan will comprehensively utilize all the humanity resources in the future to showcase Chinese history, culture and stories, promote traditional and contemporary Chinese culture, tourism, intangible culture and will continue to make relentless efforts for a new chapter of China-Pakistan friendship.