Sajid Hussain Turi pays tribute to Allama Iqbal

Staff Writer

Islamabad: The Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (OP&HRD) Saji Hussain Turi this week paid glowing tribute to the poet of the East, Allama Muhammad Iqbal on his 145th birth anniversary.

The Minister said that the thoughts are a valuable intellectual asset for the entire Muslim Ummah, especially the Pakistani nation, said a press release here.

He said that by following the thoughts of Allam Iqbal, we can join the ranks of developed nations.

A true leader keeps the nation united, and does not create chaos and division in society. he addedHe remarked that, in order to get out of today’s prevailing issues, we have to implement the philosophy of self-reliance and consciousness that was presented by Allama Iqbal.