Italy: Oliver Stone to open Rome’s first floating cinema

Rome: Rome is preparing to unveil a floating cinema on the lake in the EUR neighbourhood, which will be launched by Oscar-winning US director Oliver Stone on 24 August.

The TimVision Floating Theatre will be hosted on the laghetto from 24 August until 24 September, with Stone presenting his new autobiography Cercando la luce at 20.30 on the opening night.

After the presentation of his new book, which recounts his life in cinema as well as his time serving as a soldier in Vietnam, Stone will introduce his 1987 movie Wall Street.

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The full programme will be announced on 24 August however some titles have already been announced including the black and white version of the Oscar-winning film Parasite on 25 August; 5 è il numero perfetto along with the director Igort and some cast members; and a preview of the Oscar-nominated film Mister Link by Chris Butler on 13 September.

The floating arena will reportedly have seats for 150 spectators and entry will be from Via Africa.