Portugal receives second kc-390 millennium aircraft from Embraer

Lisbon: The Portuguese Air Force this week received its second KC-390 multi-mission aircraft from aerospace giant Embraer.

The new aircraft follows the delivery of its sister plane last year under a five-unit 2019 deal, signed to bolster the air force’s transport and cargo capabilities.

Embraer’s eighth global C-390 craft is fitted with standard NATO equipment, and meets the requirements set by the National Aeronautical Authority of Portugal.

All three of the remaining KC-390s are expected to be delivered by 2027.

Portuguese Air Force Chief of Staff General João Cartaxo Alves shared the importance of the newly-delivered aircraft.

“With the results already achieved with the first aircraft, it’s clear that with this second one we will see the Portuguese KC-390s flying all around the world proving their capabilities, versatility and availability and providing added mission value for Portugal, partners and alliances,” he said.

The C-390 is capable of carrying 52,000 pounds (23,600 kilograms) of payload and reach speeds of up to 540 miles (870 kilometers) per hour during missions, outperforming other contemporary transport planes.

It can be used for a wide array of missions, such as troop transport, medical evacuation, search and rescue, firefighting, and humanitarian assistance.

The KC-390 variant, equipped with an air-to-air refueling system, can also serve as both a tanker and a receiver for other aircraft.

Embraer’s global C-390 fleet has accumulated more than 13,000 flight hours since 2019. Other countries such as Austria, the Netherlands, and South Korea are in the process of ordering the plane.