High Commissioner Jane Marriott hosts Umama: A day of empowerment and inspiration

Islamabad: Jane Marriott, the British High Commissioner in Pakistan, this week warmly welcomed Umama, the winner of their exclusive “High Commissioner for a Day” contest.

The day was an extraordinary experience, filled with insights into diplomacy, empowerment, and inspiration.

Umama, a bright and ambitious young woman, arrived at the High Commission with an eager smile, ready to embark on her unique journey.

Jane Marriott, known for her strong leadership and commitment to fostering young talent, was delighted to have Umama by her side for the day.

The morning began with a detailed briefing on the responsibilities and intricacies of diplomatic work. Umama listened attentively, absorbing every piece of information shared by HC Jane Marriott.

As they delved into discussions about international relations and diplomacy, Umama asked insightful questions, impressing HC Marriott with her curiosity and intellect.

The highlight of the day came when Jane Marriott introduced Umama to a group of inspiring women entrepreneurs from various parts of Pakistan. These remarkable women shared their stories of resilience, determination, and success in building their businesses against all odds.

Umama was deeply moved by their journeys and the impact they were making in their communities. “Meeting these incredible women has been the most inspiring part of my day,” Umama shared, her voice filled with admiration.

Throughout the day, Umama shadowed HC Marriott, gaining firsthand experience in meetings, negotiations, and decision-making processes.

HC Jane Marriott looked at Umama with pride, knowing that the future was bright with young leaders like her.