Comprehensive relief initiative for Gwadar unveiled after heavy rainfall

Islamabad: Chairman Sardar Shahid Ahmed Leghari of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) this week announced a comprehensive relief initiative for Gwadar, the focal point of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and its neighboring areas following heavy rainfall that caused significant damage in Balochistan.

The aim of this initiative is to swiftly address the urgent needs of the communities affected by the natural disaster. In an Emergency Response meeting attended by the Secretary General and key department heads, Chairman Leghari issued clear directives to immediately start rescue and relief operations.

“We have activated the operations room at PRCS National headquarters to closely monitor the evolving situation,” Chairman Leghari stated, highlighting the organization’s proactive approach in crisis management.

In collaboration with program leaders and the provincial branch in Balochistan, PRCS has developed a detailed action plan focused on providing timely assistance to those affected by the severe weather. Assessment teams have been deployed at district and provincial levels to evaluate the extent of the damage and carry out essential rescue and relief efforts.

Chairman Leghari emphasized the importance of quickly mobilizing relief supplies from warehouse reserves to meet the immediate needs of the affected population. The action plan prioritizes providing essential household non-food items, deploying healthcare units, establishing public health infrastructure, promoting personal hygiene practices, and ensuring access to clean drinking water for those affected.

“Maintaining transparent communication, PRCS is in constant contact with the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) and local district administrations to coordinate efforts and optimize resource utilization,” Chairman Leghari affirmed.

Highlighting the urgency of coordinated efforts, Chairman Leghari reiterated the organization’s commitment to swiftly assisting those affected in Gwadar and surrounding districts of Balochistan. Despite the challenging circumstances caused by the relentless rainfall, PRCS remains dedicated to providing assistance in every possible way.

The recent heavy rainfall has caused extensive damage in Gwadar, the Kech district, and other parts of Balochistan, disrupting daily life and traffic along the Coastal Highway. Gwadar has been declared a disaster zone by the Balochistan provincial government in response to the alarming aftermath of the torrential rains.

In this time of adversity, the Pakistan Red Crescent Society stands as a beacon of hope, determined to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the wrath of nature, Chairman Leghari concluded.