Prime Minister: Denmark to supply all its artillery to Ukraine

Munich: Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced that Denmark would transfer all of its artillery to Ukraine and called on European states to provide ammunition and air defense systems to the Ukrainian armed forces, as “they need them more now,” Ukrinform reported.

Speaking at the 7th Ukrainian Lunch in Munich, organized by the Ukrainian Victor Pinchuk Charitable Foundation, the Danish Prime Minister said there is not enough urgency in the Munich Security Conference debates regarding transferring weapons that Ukraine needs immediately.

Frederiksen said that European leaders often refer to production problems as an obstacle to increasing supplies and are now opening new defense enterprises for future prospects.

“But Ukraine is asking us for ammunition and artillery right now,” she added.

“So sorry, friends, there is military equipment in Europe. It’s not just a production issue. We have weapons, ammunition, and air defense systems that we are not using yet. They need to be given to Ukraine,” the Danish Prime Minister said.

Frederiksen also said that regardless of what is currently happening in the US, Europe must take responsibility for its security: “We need to do more.”
Since December, the United States has faced challenges in providing its customary assistance packages to Ukraine.

The Senate recently advanced a foreign aid bill including $60 billion for Ukraine. Still, the Republicans in Congress have refused to approve additional funding and postponed the session due to announced holidays until the end of February.