Pakistan, Ethiopia agree for twinning of cities, promote tourist exchange

Islamabad: Pakistan and Ethiopia this week agreed to pursue the twinning of their cities and promote tourist exchange besides underscoring enhanced cooperation in the field of medicine and agricultural education.

The bilateral cooperation was discussed as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and African Union Atif Sharif visited the historic Ethiopian city of Aksum in Tigray where he also met City Mayor Abeve.

A seat of Aksum empire (300BC-400 AD), Aksum was the city to receive the first Islamic Hijra by ennoble companions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

The ambassador and mayor agreed to pursue the twinning of Aksum with a Pakistani city and to promote tourist exchange.

The envoy visited the rich heritage sites, 1400 year-old memorial of Aksum kings, church and museum.

The ambassador wrote on X that due to recent civil conflict and ongoing drought, Tigray and Aksum were also suffering from food scarcity and internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The ambassador, who visited the IDPs living in a school, also held an interaction with the President of Aksum University Professor Gebreyesus Brhane.

The professor showed keen interest in collaborating with Pakistani universities in STEM, medicine, and agricultural education.