Bilawal Bhutto lauds inclusion of climate crisis cost and damage in COP27 agenda

Staff Writer

Islamabad: Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari this week said that the inclusion of climate cost and damage on the COP27’s agenda is something to be ‘optimistic’ about.

In an interview, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto said that Pakistan is one of the most climate-affected countries, and contributes only 0.8% to global carbon emissions.

Talking about the devastations of the recent floods in the country Bilawal said that it caused billion of dollars of damage, while only 10% of the total promised aid has been provided to the country until now.

Bilawal praised UNSG Antonio Guatresse’s efforts amid floods, citing his visit to the country. “He championed our cause at the United nations,” said Bilawal.

He added that the inclusion of cost and damage on the agenda of the COP27 conference is a reason to be optimistic.

About the Russia-Ukraine crisis Bilawal said that it has caused immense damage to not only Russia and Ukraine but the global economy. Fuel and commodity prices have shot up everywhere in the world, he added.

He added Pakistan is going through a very tough time as it is under financial stress due to the Russia-Ukrine crisis, the COVID pandemic, and the recent floods. Human conflicts need to be resolved through dialogue so that we can focus on existential threats such as climate change, he added.

Asked about the former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Russia at the same time as Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an offensive in Ukraine the FM said, “we understand how that (Imran Khan’s visit to Russia) could have sent a misinterpreted (message) that Pakistan was taking sides. We want to stay neutral in this conflict.”