Kashmiris have a right to get UNSC resolutions implemented: Rehman Malik

Islamabad: Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A. Rehman Malik has said that Kashmiris have the right of getting United Nations Security Council resolutions implemented.
Addressing a group of law students from London, he stated that after Azerbaijan’s forceful retrieval of their occupied areas, it was clear that the UNSC resolutions can only be implemented forcefully.

He said: “I wish the UN had done its duty then Azerbaijan would have not been forced to get the resolution implemented by recovering their legitimate area by force”. He hoped that the UN will realize its duty regarding Kashmir and will implement its resolutions on Kashmir.

Regarding the recent increase in positive cases on Coronavirus, Senator Rehman Malik said that he had stated on record on the floor of the Senate House that based on his research he predicts that Coronavirus positive cases will rise in the coming months of October, November, and December and the figure of deaths may also rise too at the highest number.

He said, “I was contradicted in the House by my fellow members while listening to the views and explanation of the members from treasury benches but ignoring the observations by the opposition”.

The lawmaker said that he questions the government that why there is a different yardstick for dealing with the Coronavirus restrictions for the opposition and not allowing the opposition to do meetings where there is a freehand for the government to hold large gatherings and meetings?

He questioned has Coronavirus signed some friendly agreement with the government that they can hold open public meetings and gatherings but opposition cannot be allowed meetings due to Coronavirus. He advised that the government should apply the same yardstick for government and opposition.

He appealed to the government and people of Pakistan that for the sake of our national health everyone should observe the SOPs issued by the WHO. He also demanded that funds should be allocated by the government to provide non-disposable masks to the public free of cost who cannot afford it.

Commenting on the peace process in Afghanistan, Senator Rehman Malik said that he has always been advocating that peace can only be brought in Afghanistan if all the factions of the Taliban are brought on the table for negotiations to proceed further.
He said that India will try its best to not succeed in any peace process in Afghanistan to fulfill its ulterior motives against Pakistan because India wants to continue to use Afghan soil against Pakistan.

He added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made South Asia highly dangerous by adopting Hindutva ideology through RSS engineering, inflicting borders of China and Pakistan on daily basis.