Kristen Stewart feels ‘emotionally invested’ in playing Princess Diana

Susannah Alexander

London: Kristen Stewart has revealed why she decided to take on the role of Princess Diana in upcoming movie Spencer.
It was announced in June that the actress will play Diana in the Pablo Larraín-directed drama, which will focus on three crucial days in the life of the former Princess of Wales.
Speaking to InStyle, Charlie’s Angels and Still Alice star Stewart said that she has always had a “curiosity” about Diana that drew her to the part.

“I remember imagery from the funeral as a really little kid,” she said. “I remember being really viscerally affected by that.
“I think that there is like, this sort of unbridled, open, intimate exchange that she’s had with the public that was so striking for people that were like, used to a sort of different face of the royal family. That wasn’t something I grew up with.”
The Twilight star added that she feels very “emotionally invested” in Diana’s life and the movie’s script.
“I always just thought that this person was sort of stolen from us and I always had a curiosity about her,” she explained. “Every day that I unfold this story, the more emotionally invested I get.”

Spencer, which has been written by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, will reportedly be set during one of Diana’s final Christmas holidays with the royal family in the early ’90s, when she decided her marriage to Prince Charles was no longer working.

No release date for Spencer has yet been confirmed, with filming expected to begin in early 2021.
Stewart’s new festive movie Happiest Season is due for release on Hulu in the US later this month, with the LGBTQ+ Christmas film due to receive a theatrical release in the UK (although this could change following the announcement of the latest lockdown measures in England from November 5).

Happiest Season stars Stewart and Terminator: Dark Fate’s Mackenzie Davis as couple Abby and Harper, who are due to attend Harper’s family’s annual Christmas dinner together. Abby plans to propose to her girlfriend at the event but is shocked to realise that Harper hasn’t told her family about their relationship.