Nadal wears ‘most expensive watch ever worn on tennis court’

Covert Report

Rafael Nadal is wearing the ‘most expensive watch ever worn on a tennis court’ at this year’s French Open.
The world No2, 34, received a brand-new custom timepiece from his sponsors at luxury watchmakers Richard Mille worth a staggering £780,000.
The watch, with “RAFA” embossed on the side, has a black case and face with an orange dial and light blue strap, which matches his Nike outfit for the tournament.

There is even a steel wire that criss-crosses across the face 38 times to create the effect of a tennis racket’s string pattern. It is the first watch worn by a tennis player to top the $ 1million milestone.
The Swiss designers have only made 50 of the exclusive watch which marks the tenth anniversary of their partnership with Nadal, appropriately naming it the RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal.
On the Richard Mille website, the watch is described as “unique in more ways than one” and can withstand up to 12,000 Gs of force.

The description adds: “Its solidity and rigidity, coupled with its low thermal expansion coefficient and high resistance to humidity and temperature make it the ideal material for meeting the specifications of a watch intended to venture out on court with Rafael Nadal.”
Nadal was previously opposed to wearing a watch on court before the deal with Richard Mille in 2010 and now insists his timepieces are so light, at around 20 grams, he does not even notice them.
The Spaniard wears the watch on his right wrist – famously his natural stronger hand – but plays tennis with his left.