Imran Khan calls for ‘chemical castration’ of rapists

Covert Report
Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for public hangings and chemical castration of rapists as authorities reported arresting a second man in connection with the rape of a woman on a popular highway in Punjab province last week.
The woman was raped in front of her children after her car ran out of fuel on a motorway near the eastern city of Lahore.
The incident drew a number of protesters to the streets in several cities, including Islamabad and Karachi, denouncing attacks on women.

“They (rapists) should be given exemplary punishments. In my opinion, they should be hanged at the chowk (intersection),” said PM Khan said in an interview.
“The way murders are graded as first degree, second degree and third degree, rape should also be graded this way, and the first grade rapists should be castrated and incapable completely,” he asserted.

Legal expert Osama Malik said the rape conviction rate can be as low as 2 percent. “This drops even lower in cases where a minor has been raped. That is one of the reasons that rape is rarely reported,” said Malik.
He also blamed social stigma attached to sex crimes and the “abhorrently misogynistic attitude” of many police officials for the underreporting of rape cases.