Quit smoking today and see what happens next

Smoking is one of the common causes of death all around the world, yet it is very difficult to get rid of the habit.

Here are a couple of facts about getting rid of smoking that every smoker should know.

As soon as a smoker quits smoking or smokes his last cigarette, he starts reducing the risk of lung cancer simultaneously. Secondly, the benefits start to show in less than an hour of smoking the last cigarette.

After you finish a cigarette, your heart rate gets back to normal, the blood pressure drops and the blood circulation starts improving. All of these changes start taking place within an hour.

After a day of quitting smoking, the chances of a heart attack start reducing. Within a day, the smoker’s oxygen levels increase, encouraging him to exercise.

A month after quitting smoking, the lungs start functioning normally. As it heals, the former smoker may observe less shortness of breaths and coughing, with a renewed ability for cardiovascular activities for instance, running and dancing.

After 1 year, the former smoker might see a reduced risk of coronary heart disease. The risk continues to drop and becomes half as one year completes.

10 years after the smoker gets rid of the habit, the chances of developing lung cancer reduces by half compared with the person who still smokes. Other than this, chances of pancreatic, mouth or throat cancers also reduce.

20 years later, the risk of death caused by lung disease or cancer becomes zero just like that of a normal person who has never smoked in his life.