Rehman Malik for logical strategy to block civil war in Afghanistan


Islamabad: Former Interior Minister and Chairman Institute of Research and Reforms (IRR) this week said that situation is worsening in Kabul by every passing day and anti- Ghani groups were inching towards zero mile of Kabul and General Abdul Rashid Dostum had left Kabul.
He said that Haqqani group is re-emerging as the strongest one and the ethnic card can be dangerous if played at this time. He has urged the world to play a role for peace in Afghanistan.

He said that the Afghan nation, from a child to an old man have been suffering for ages, and children born during the beginning of the war have now become grandparents while continuously suffering tragedies and miseries. He said that since the US has announced the withdrawal of troops without a well-framed strategy, the people of Afghanistan are fearful of a possible eruption of civil war. He said that peace in Afghanistan means peace in Pakistan as we are direct victims of the Afghan-USSR war followed by the growth of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Daesh which have been eroding our system.

He said that currently Taliban control 52 percent of the territory of Afghanistan and the remaining are partly controlled by both the government and the Taliban. The leadership council of the Taliban, known as the Rahbari Shura, makes decisions for all “political and military affairs” of the Emirate, he added. He said that the Taliban and various ethnic groups are within a radius of 20 to 25 kilometres and Kabul stands encircled today, creating fearful nights for the general public.

The former Interior Minister said that Taliban members stop every passing car and question their link to the government and if they find any, they hand them over to their courts which is creating unrest. The Taliban believe victory is theirs and they feel they have won the war against America and are confident that they will have control over the capital within the next few months, he said. He said that the US does not need any bases in Pakistan or Afghanistan but needs bay permission for warships to cover the range for their cruise missiles to any target in Afghanistan which will once again bring Afghanistan under fire. The anti-American group will once again start their terrorist activities and we will be back to square one once again, he apprehended.

The Chairman of IRR said that Pakistan will have to plan its strategy as it is no more a secret that Indian influence has crept into Afghanistan and it is giving $1 billion annually for its lobbies to help them keep a strong foothold. He said that in addition, senior leaders of the Northern Alliance are regularly visiting India to seek guidance from the Modi government. He said that a power-sharing arrangement would be beneficial in Afghanistan for every stakeholder and Pakistan cannot afford to have a pro-Indian, single-faction government. He emphasized that Pakistan needs to make an effort before the fall of Kabul to avoid the complete control of the government in the hands of this faction as the national government can be neutral to bring peace back to Afghanistan and keep better relations with its neighbors.

Senator Rehman Malik further said that Pakistan is the most critical regional player when it comes to ending the war in
Afghanistan and the role of COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa has been appreciated by all stakeholders including the US. He advised that the US must consider working to establish an interim government in Afghanistan representing all factions. He urged that India must be kept away from this withdrawal strategy to avoid its negative role while Pakistan, China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia may be taken on board as observers of peace.
He concluded that Afghan nation including Taliban must consider to get united to bring peace and all the groups must follow the policy of give and take to avoid division.