56% Pakistanis prefer economic relationship with China: Gallup Survey

Gwadar Pro

Islamabad: According to a survey conducted by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, more than half Pakistanis (56%) prefer to have an economic partnership with China while 13% want it with the United States (US).

A representative sample of men and women in Pakistan was asked the following question that “which of the following would you prefer your country to partner with economically – the US, China, Russia, or the EU? If there is another preference, please state it.”

56% responded China, 13% preferred US, 8% said Russia while another 8% said others and only 4% said that they would prefer an economic partnership with the EU.

These interesting findings have emerged out of an annual 64-country research conducted by Gallup International (founded by the world-renowned scholar and pollster Dr. George Gallup in 1947). The survey in Pakistan was done by Gallup Pakistan, Pakistan’s oldest and trusted survey firm working since 1979.

A total of 59,842 persons were interviewed globally. In each country a representative sample of around 1,000 men and women was interviewed during August-October 2022 either face to face, via telephone or online. The margin of error for the survey is between +3%-5% at 95% confidence level.