Sherry Rehman urges int’l community to curb climate change

Cairo: Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman has urged the international community to take practical steps to save the world from the negative impacts of climate change.

Addressing the Inter-Parliamentary Union at COP-27 in Egypt, the climate change minister stressed the necessity for collaborative responsibility to face the challenge of global warming, unprecedented rains, floods and other natural calamities.

The Minister said people are expecting that the international community will be able to save them and give them predictability, their livelihood, as well as their future. She said it is a fundamental right of the people to live, breath, till their soil and work in cities that are not burning them up.

Sherry Rehman said 33 million people have suffered in Pakistan from the recent and devastating floods in the country’s history due to climate change. She said the world must think that the catastrophe that happened in Pakistan may adversely hit other parts of the world if necessary timely steps are not taken.

Earlier on November 10, World Bank Group’s Country Climate and Development Report (CCDR) for Pakistan predicted that risks of extreme climate change-induced events, environmental degradation, and air pollution are projected to reduce Pakistan’s GDP by at least 18 to 20% by 2050.