Italy: Men break Guinness World Record for changing tyre on moving car


Rome: Manuel Zoldan and Gianluca Folco from Italy have this week broke the Guinness World Record for changing a tyre on a moving vehicle. The duo set the record during the Lo Event Dei Record show in Italy.

A video of their incredible feat has been shared by Guinness World Record (GWR) on YouTube. In the video, Manuel flips a car onto two wheels after driving into a ramp, while Gianluca quickly swaps the tyre while hanging out the window – all while the vehicle is still moving.

“Can Manuel Zoldan and Gianluca Folco (Italy) maintain the speed and balance required to change the front wheel of this sports car in the quickest time ever?” GWR captioned the video, enticing the viewers to watch it.

The duo broke the record by changing the wheel in 1 minute and 17.64 seconds, taking nearly 13 seconds less than the previous record of 1 minute 30 seconds.

Since being shared, the video has accumulated more than 53,000 views and more than a thousand of likes so far.

Users were amazed after watching the record-breaking performance and flooded the comment section with many heartfelt comments.

“Driving on 2 wheels at less than a snail’s pace is truly an impressive skill. Doing so with your friend crawling around the outside of the car to change a tire (as friends do), prompts questions about sanity and physics,” wrote a user.

Another one said, “Shout out to the driver. He’s the real hero.” “I’m more impressed with the car in 2 wheels for that long,” commented a third user.