Iran, BRICS to both benefit from Tehran’s accession, says expert

Tehran: Cooperation of BRICS and Iran will benefit both sides, says Shuaib Bahman, senior researcher at the International Institute of Strategic Studies of Iran.

“Iran will benefit from this process; it will also create and interesting and beneficial situation for BRICS,” he said in an interview. “(Iran’s) membership will benefit both sides.”

According to the expert, accession to the organization “may become an important factor for Iran, because it is a country with a developing economy, and it can find contact points with [BRICS] member states.”

“This issue can increase Iran’s status on regional and international arenas,” he added.

Iran and Argentina filed their applications for accession to BRICS in June 2022. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called these countries “worthy candidates,” adding that the expansion process has already been initiated.