Community foundation, Sons of Italy help our most precious resource

Lock Haven: Outside play supports healthy development in all children. When a child with an intellectual or physical disability is able to explore and participate in outside play, the benefits are twofold. Not only do they work on their developmental skills (motor, social, communication and cognitive) but they also feel included, boosting their self-esteem. That, in turn, motivates children to learn and grow.

Thanks to a dual donation from the Clinton County Community Foundation, Inc. and Sons and Daughters of Italy in Lock Haven, the Infant Development Program’s play center has seen a huge upgrade. The Foundation last year awarded the non-profit $18,000 and the Sons donated $5,000. Infant Development’s play center was initially installed in 1996. The children served at Infant Development will spend up to 45 minutes per day from April to October in the playground. Having a safe, all-inclusive discovery center will enhance their learning experience through play.

“With the support of the CCCF and Sons of Italy we were able to purchase and install a new, ADA compliant play center for our children,” according to IDP Director Lisa Bangson.