Ali Rehman Malik visits shelter home for young boys

Staff Writer

Islamabad: Ali Rehman Malik, son of former Interior Minister Rehman Malik, this week visited a shelter home for young boys and assured all possible support.

“Visited a home for young boys today. They have all lost their families to the scourge of terrorism. To see the pain in these children’s eyes is hard and it’s hard to know that they lost their families needlessly, having everything taken from them at the hands of misguided, barbaric monsters. No one should have to suffer this pain, especially not at such a young age,” he said in a tweet after the visit.

Pakistan is home to thousands of internally displaced children due to the prevalence of natural disasters and high rates of terrorism.

While displacement affects everyone, women and children are the most vulnerable to health hazards, malnutrition, lack of physical security and psychological trauma.

The destruction of homes, schools and other infrastructure (hospitals, electricity, roads etc.) similarly affects their lives and livelihoods in significant ways. Moreover, displaced children, who live in unprotected shelters or on the streets, are often at risk of being forced into child labour and early marriages.