Italy wants to cooperate with Pakistan through green economy: Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese

Staff Writer

Islamabad: Ambassador of Italy to Pakistan Andreas Ferrarese has said that through the green economy, Italy wanted to cooperate with Pakistan for environment protection, circular economy, resource saving and management, ecosystem protection and recovery, water conservation and natural disaster prevention.

In a recent statement, the Ambassador said that Italy had established the Italy-Pakistan Textile Technology Center (IPTTC) in Faisalabad at the National Textile University (NTU) to upgrade the local textile sector.

He said the training centre, which was the first of its kind for Italian textile machinery technology in Pakistan, was inaugurated in the recent past.

The envoy said this project was financed by the Italian government to support the development of the local textiles industry, by equipping it with Italian machinery.

During fiscal year 2020-21, textile, leather, rice, ethanol, textiles articles, sets, worn clothing, cotton, apparel, crocheted, cereals, raw hides and skins, beverages and footwear was major areas of Pakistan export to Italy, he added.

Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese said Pakistan’s imports from Italy increased in these sectors including ships, boats, and other floating structures, machinery, pharmaceutical products, aircraft, spacecraft, electrical, electronic equipment, organic chemicals, iron and steel, miscellaneous chemical products, optical, photo, technical and medical apparatus.

The envoy said currently Italy was providing technical assistance to Pakistan in textiles, leather and marble sectors.

He maintained that dairy and livestock, olive and olive products, plastics, processed food and the construction sector were the areas where Italy could extend its cooperation with Pakistan.