Senator Rehman Malik urges govt to concentrate on Afghanistan


Islamabad: Senior Pakistan People’s Party leader Senator Rehman Malik this week urged the government to concentrate on Afghanistan.

He said Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security was on the pay roll of India and Islamabad needs to keep this in mind.

“I remember the day of 2nd oath-taking ceremony of President Hamid Karzai in an old beautiful palace in Kabul where I was invited as a guest with (then) President Asif Ali Zardari. President Hamid Karzai apparently looked too interested in improving relations with Pakistan. But, with the passage of time, Afghanistan fell in the hands of India and India became the darling of Afghanistan,” he said in a statement.

The PPP leader, former interior minister, said historically the Afghan intelligence agency has always remained hostile towards Pakistan and kept the Afghan leadership away from Pakistan while remaining more closer to India.

“It is interesting to note that NDS manipulated the first Taliban government and now the present one has also drifted into its clutches as we see its hostile attitude towards Pakistan. The reasons are that NDS is on the payroll of India. The manipulation is done from New Delhi,” he said.

Rehman Malik said his prediction regarding Afghanistan and Ukraine had proven true. “I have always tried to give my advise where needed. Pakistan is very dear to us and we must safeguard our interests in an amicable way,” he added.

Commenting on the ousted Afghan President Dr Ashraf Ghani, he said Ghani also tried to keep Pakistan away from Afghanistan.

“Afghan national intelligence agency is the same coming from three successive regimes and all the SOPs are against Pakistan as matter of policy. As Afghan Taliban are now using the same anti-Pakistan bureaucracy and intelligence operators, we should not expect that the mindset of Afghans brainwashed by India can be changed. It is understood that Afghan Taliban had cemented their working relations much before the takeover of Kabul,” he warned.

About the Ukrain issue, he said the recent reports on talks between Resident Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin should be worrying for the world.

“As per the intelligence reports the US has shared information regarding the build-up of Russian forces for rapid and large-scale military action against Ukraine. The American assessment is that Russia is planning to attack Ukraine within this month,” he stated.

He added: “The troops could cross into Ukraine from Crimea, the Russian border, as well as via Belarus with about 100 battalion tactical groups. The strength comes to about 100,000 soldiers.”

He predicted that this war will be more harmful for Russia and it may become the signature for the next world war. The international community must ask why Russia wants to invade Ukraine.

The PPP leader said Pakistan has to play well to safeguard its interest in the region. He lauded the Pakistani security agencies for promoting the Pakistani interests.