March in March: Bilawal Bhutto


Karachi: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari this week said that anti-government march will be held in the month of March.

The PPP chief censured Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying the PM does not like Sindh or its people but wanted the islands and the coal in the provnce.
His remarks came in a public meeting hosted by the PPP in Hyderabad, under the banner of the opposition’s Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

He said: “The prime minister says that Sindh is not our province. If Sindh is not the prime minister’s province, then whose is it?”
He questioned how a prime minister can “use such words” for Sindh. The PPP chairman said that the people of Sindh will “safeguard their rights” and safeguard democracy. “We will go to Islamabad and take back our rights,” he said.

Bilawal Bhutto said that Sindh will get a reduced share of the National Finance Commission Award this year by Rs200 bn. “This incompetent government has brought a tsunami of inflation,” he said, adding that even though PM Imran Khan had promised a “new Pakistan”, what he has delivered is an inflation-hit Pakistan. “This anti-poor government has made life difficult for the people,” said the PPP chairman.

In further criticism of the government, he said that the prime minister had once said that he would “commit suicide before going to the IMF (International Monetary Fund)” to ask for loan. What occurred, instead, was that the “biggest loan” to have been sought ever was taken in these last three years. Bilawal said that the prime minister was “giving the elite relief and the poor grief”. He asked the people of Hyderabad if they saw even one job being granted to them from the 10 million jobs the premier had promised soon after coming into power. The PPP chairman also reminded them of the PTI’s “unfulfilled” promise of five million homes for the under priviledged.
“Imran Khan’s government, in the name of anti-encroachment drives, is robbing people of a roof over their heads in Larkana, Hyderabad and other areas (of the province),” he said.

The PPP leader said Pakistan has fallen behind in the region and even countries like Afghanistan and Bangladesh had surpassed it. “If we are ahead in any area, it is inflation,” Bilawal Bhutto said.
He said the people have been “suffering from the burden of an incompetent and corrupt government”.

“For how long must we endure this puppet? For how long must we endure such experiments?” the PPP chairman asked. He said the people are the source of a country’s power, which is why the PDM had been formed. “We will chase these incompetent and unqualified rulers away. There will be a march in March and you must join us,” Bilawal said, adding: “I will take a caravan with me from Karachi.”

The PPP chairman said that the party’s stance was that every institution must operate within its set mandate and “politics must be left to the politicians” and trust put in the people. “The people’s decision must be accepted,” he said.